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"Today, he seems to be rather short."

Translation:Heute sieht er ziemlich klein aus.

November 11, 2017



Am I the only one that does not understant the meaning of this sentence??


The ONLY hint the app gives is "scheint" which would be the literal translation into German from the English. "sieht...aus" means "look" (see out). They are not the same thing in English, and they aren't the same in German. Bad question.


Short as in height, or short as in quick to anger? Would there be a difference i.e. using Kurz rather than Klein?


I tried "Heute scheint er ziemlich klein." and "Heute scheint er ziemlich kurz." Neither was accepted. A translation tool translates them to "Today he seems pretty small." and "Today he seems pretty short." respectively. Is my problem that scheint doesn't imply "seems to be" but "sieht ... aus" does? Or am I missing something else?


Heute, scheint er ziemlich klein zu sein. << it this a sensible translation?


Seems reasonable, but without the comma.


Why is this one wrong 'Heute scheint er eher klein zu sein' ?


If using the clues in the translation is supposed to help, why aren't the clues in the correct sentence? I'm really confused by this sentence.


Duo's version is nothing like a literal translation! The other suggested ones should be accepted.


I also wrote; Heute scheint er ziemlich klein zu sein. And it was not accepted. Is it us or does duolingo needs to be updated? The question and its meanings can be interpreted in other ways. Kindly explain


Can anyone please explain why is "Heute sieht er eher kurz aus." wrong?

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