Is there any way to preserve a very long streak (940) days from a break that is longer than one day? I have an operation coming up that will take longer than one day to heal and get home from the hospital. I am willing to pay if there is something I could sign up for that would do it.

November 11, 2017


If you have an Android device, there is something called a "Weekend Amulet" which will preserve your streak for the whole weekend. Other than that, you can just keep buying Streak Freezes through your days of recovery (unless you cannot access technology during that time, then just get a friend or relative to do that).

Friend and Family could help you buy a few streak freezes, or if they are OK with it let them try learning too! Let them do the Basics. However, the X P you earned wouldn't really be your own work.

You could ask someone else (a family member?) to do a lesson a day for you, all you have to do is tell them your username and password. Then they could just do basics 1 lesson 1 everyday for you if they do not know the language as that is the easiest lesson.

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