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cannot type special characters on this keyboard, So must spell "Spass" . No longer acceptable!

November 11, 2017



Have you tried holding the key down? Usually that brings up a list of special characters you can select. For the ß character, hold down the s-key then you can use the mouse to select the one you want or type the number under the character.


I ran into a similar problem. "Voegel" for "birds" was not accepted, and I reported it with the comment that my keyboard lacked the umlaut. So far I have not had this problem arise again.. "Spass" should definitely be accepted.


You can change the keyboard settings and I can tell or give a link of where to go to see how to change it.


I had no idea one could report such problems. Please let me know how to pass on comments, I have several constructive comments that I would like to make


Which system, which keyboard?


google translate copy and pasting?

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I just bet that there is a way to get international characters on your keyboard, you just don't know how yet. Let cluney2 know or just post a new discussion thread like How do I Get Special Characters on My Keyboard? Then tell what your OS (operating system) is, whether it is on a tablet, laptop, phone or whatever. You may want to say exactly what characters you need, like a sharp S (or Eszett), an umlaut over your vowels etc.


Can some of you make copy-able special characters for your language? For example someone's comment would be "German" and have the umlauted vowels. Then we could paste it onto our comment, use it as a tool to copy the characters into our comment where needed, and erase the tool before we post. Others could make the tool for other languages. Who volunteers?

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