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  5. "Este dulce datorită mărului."

"Este dulce datorită mărului."

Translation:It is sweet because of the apple.

November 11, 2017



Is there a difference between datorită and din cauza?


Yes it is. If it is a positive effect, „datorită” is used. If it is a negative one, then „din cauza” is used. Here are two examples:

  • Am câștigat datorită lui. (I won, so it is a positive result)
  • El a uitat din cauza oboselii. (He forgot, a negative result)


I read in another thread that the "cover all" word for "because" is "deoarece".

Side note: It seems câștigat (a câștiga = to win) is a false cognate of "castigar" (to punish) in Spanish. Good to know.


Thanks, I don’t know what I would do without useful comments such as this from people who know! Have another lingot!


This theory doesn't hold up in Duolingo. After reading this thread & returning to my lesson, this was Duolingo's next translation: Este saracă datorită războiului. No other option for 'because' was provided. Another example found in Duolingo's lessons: Datorită accidentului am rămas fără un picior. I fail to see any positivity here.


I typed in "It is sweet due to the apple" and got rejected :(


What a strange sentence!


I had the same feeling. I translated it in my head and thought I got I wrong, turns out I didn't ...


Same here. I guess it has to relate to some dish or pie.


It struck me as a good suggestion for an alternative to processed sugar when cooking.

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