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Can we have the streams back?

Activity and the profile streams were removed months ago, but a good number of my friends have simply left Duolingo because of its removal. Can we have some sort of way to communicate with other users casually without having to use the forums, which isn't even allowed?

November 11, 2017



Yes, with the removal I think Duolingo became very boring. Probably because the competitive learning between friends and chating with them is removed :(


Yes, I miss it too. However all the core functionality of Duolingo’s mission remains completely intact. This isn’t primarily a social media site, nor should it be, as that takes programming money and time away from languages.

Maybe one needs to ask why they left. Were they here to learn, or mostly to chat?

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Duolingo has changed a lot since I joined in 2015. I really miss the streams. I made a lot of great contacts there.


Wow, you have many 25's. That's my dream!


Yeah, I don't want to think they were lying, but I doubt that they're actually working on something new. I understand that it was a choice between Duolingo without activity or no duolingo at all, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to miss the streams. At least we have Labs now!


Is it crazy to think that the staff's idea of Activity replacement are the clubs and their chat option?


Actually... That makes sense. What if they are?


At least there should be some way of contacting directly the course contributors to send them a direct question / proposal, which is not related to a specific sentence. It does not have to be a chat, just the direct contact. If someone is a course contributor there should be ready and willing to receive some feedback! (Maybe with the possibility to block abusive users.)


The streams were helpful for recording progress and asking course contributors questions directly. I do miss them


My guess is cost, this is a free site.

Running streams are added costs.

Edit: Yeah just read the old link where Luis posted. Cost related, have some understanding folks this is a free site.


I think that if u add these back people would get bored of learning the languages they originally signed up for and just start chatting with random people.

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