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Do I need to do more than just Duolingo to learn a language?

I'm currently getting into German and I was wondering is going on the website once a day for around 30-60 mins all I need to do to learn the language. Every day I've been going back and strengthening most of the lessons I've done so I don't forget and writing down each word gender and translation in a book of mine, but do I really need to do this or can I just do some lessons and leave without doing the stuff I've been doing.

November 11, 2017



The more you do, the more you learn. As long as it keeps your interest at a maximum, try to do whatever entertains you the most. Writing down words is a great exercise because you have to pay attention to the details, to how words are correctly written, BUT try to put them in context. That way it is proven to be more effective, and you reinforce multiple other words with each new sentence.

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I agree 1Neutrino, I watch German movies, TV shows and try (I must emphasize try) to read German newspapers, etc. I am also making Anki flashcards when I come across short phrases that will help me remember words, spelling and grammer. That way I have to write it out and sometimes something clicks and I say oh, those -ung words all seem to be feminine or -chen words neuter; über seems to always have an umlaut even when it is within a longer word and so forth.


I think what you're doing is great, I do the same with learning Spanish and Korean, but if you find the lessons on Duolingo difficult you should only do 1 lesson a day, you know? Renting books on the language you're learning from the library is a good way to help you and listen to music in the language you're learning and memorize the lyrics or watch your fav TV shows or films with German audio or subtitles which has been very helpful to me in learning Spanish. You should also try speaking with native speakers of the German language, that's probably the most efficient way. Hope I was helpful


This is a good question. I think that it always takes a lot of practice. I certainly think you won't be able to retain the language in the way that you're doing it. I don't mean to sound critical. I think what your doing is really great but you need to also use it. Do you play Minecraft? Watch Movies? All these things can be caught with great skill and ripped around to suit the German. If the Movie has German subtitles then watch them. If you have an interest in a Minecraft or for that case any other game then start playing it in German. I do this in a lot of games.

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