difference between "박수" and "짝"?

So, SEVENTEEN'S new song "CLAP" came out and the lyrics say "clap" multiple times in the song except it seems they use two different words for the word "clap" so what's the difference between these two?.. thank you

November 11, 2017


박수 is the action "clapping" and 짝 is the sound "clap"

November 11, 2017

oh, very helpful! gracias

November 12, 2017

박수쳐 주세요.

손바닥을 마주치니 짝 소리가 난다.

박수칠 때 나는 소리는 짝짝짝

잘했어요. 짝짝짝

November 12, 2017
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