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German grammar question - familiar plural

Hello. I'm hoping someone can help with this.

My question is if you have a compound subject of two familiar people, do you use the familiar form or not?

That is, would a mother say to her son Du und Dein Vater kommt (like ihr kommt)? Or Du und Dein Vater kommen (like Sie Kommen)?

November 11, 2017



Familiar form: Du und Dein Vater kommt...


I don't understand the confusion. Ihr kommt is simple? Du und dein Vater kommen is ok too I presume? Just two ways of saying the same thing. The 'Ihr' thing is not easy, I grant you that, but it is regelmaßig, so we might be able to mastermind it.....


I think you would say "Du und Dein Vater kommen." To me, as a german, "Du und Dein Vater kommt" sounds wrong.


It is actually a bit tricky, I think. The construction includes "you", so I think it might depend on the context. I would probably add the pronoun here to make it clear: if you are adressing the person "you" directly, I would say "Du und dein Vater, ihr kommt", e.g. in a question like "Du und dein Vater, kommt ihr nach Hause?" or "Du und dein Vater, ihr kommt doch, oder?". To me as a native speaker, that would sound perfectly natural. On the other hand side, if you are not adressing the "you" directly in a question or so, I think you would say - for example - "Du und dein Vater kommen zum Essen." (Although "Du und dein Vater, ihr kommt zum Essen" sounds right too.)

I am not entirely sure about this on a strictly grammatical level, but this is what I would say and what would sound natural to me.


Ja, das Verb muss Plural sein. It becomes more obvious when you add a third person: Du, dein Vater und dein Onkel kommen.


To me, du und dein Vater feels awkward as a compound subject no matter which verb I choose.

I'd probably work around the problem and say something like ihr kommt, dein Vater und du.

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