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Date on tree completion

Dear fellow users of duolingo. I've got an idea that might make the completion of a language tree just a bit more memorable. Maybe it is possible to show the completion date of a language tree when you click on the golden duo? And maybe it's possible to show the date you made the tree completely golden too? As for lengthy duolingo users it will be fun to watch how long they studied their different languages and at what date they 'completed it' , and 'completed it golden style'. Especially when studying many different languages it seems pretty cool to track your duolingo journey.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and I hope I am the first one with this idea, I find it pretty hard to search in these forums.

Kind regards, Bas

November 11, 2017



I like the first idea. I wonder if the data is already in the code, or is like in some place. So that people who have done that in the past could see. I like the idea of marking when the course was done. And I could actually see Duolingo doing something like that—celebrating achievment seems consistent with their framework, but I wonder what percentage of users actually get to that point.

I mean its not like an integral learning component of the site, but I like the idea generally speaking Mr. Bas.


Thank you for your positive feedback Enzo! I am not a genius with scripting but I would say the date the owl pops up would be a registered event in the course. As there already is a function of the script that makes the owl pop up it shouldn't be hard to make a link with the date it is completed. So even it it won't be able for owls in the past it should be farely easy to use this in the future. The second part is kind of where I lack a little bit of motivation. I have completed my German and French tree and am now making the French tree gold. It just seems like a pretty exhausting process from my point of view as the skills decay so fast. So maybe the second part could give people like me that extra bit of motivation to stick with it and make that tree golden!


....... tree gold. It just seems like a pretty exhausting process from my point of view as the skills decay so fast.

This is my favorite method to keep my trees gold.


Thank you, that might help me on my journey :D


The user script "DuoTweak" shows (showed, you need a whitelist workaround hack to have it working on the Scala web portal) the register/join date accounts in their user profiles, which DuoLingo does not show.

I agree with you. Both are very nice ideas!

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