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Confusing adverbs

Is it me or doesn't the course throws too many adverbs/synonyms at you and expects you to figure it out on your? The comments on the sentences are not really that helpful most of the time. Nor without any context.

inb4 downvoting without actually bothering to help answer the question.

November 11, 2017


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Hey I had to look up inb4, I learned something new! It seems as if people know how to down-vote but forget to up-vote when they get or see an answer that is helpful.

About your question, what I notice is that not all the synonyms are appropriate for the context, so why do they put them out there? It especially annoys me when they do it with pronouns because they are confusing enough for me.

I just up-voted you because it is not fair to down-vote your question; also have a Lingot!


You are absolutely right about that downvoting business. Even if I use downvoting for idiots with rude or senseless comments (that's what killed the Babbel forum) I think you at least should have the courtesy to answer a question that is unnecessary or stupid in your opinion. I just saw a question with three downs and no answer.

Upvote for zeke, Lingot for you


If you hold your mouse over the word or click on I think it comes up with the meaning of dat word. But adverbs are confusing..

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