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What's the highest XP you've earned?

Hi, I see a lot of people getting 1000+ XP each week, but so far the highest I've earned in a week is 430XP which isn't a lot. How much XP do you normally earn each week? :-)

November 12, 2017



430XP not much? Are you insane?!? You must be, because your XP is above insane level =p Haha, j/k (before I get downvotes for being rude) (50XP/day, which would be 350XP/week). Nah, for real.. I think you are above average with that score... and yes, there are people (me included) who have higher weekly scores, but it differs quite a lot with what kind of exercises you are doing.

For example, if you are learning new stuff it takes waaaay more time to do a lesson (I take notes, I look at other sites i.e. dictionaries/grammar sites) than when you're strengthening older lessons which you already know quite well. If you do timed practices you get double the XP, but I would never be able to do that on new lessons.

Bottom line, don't look too much at other people's scores... do what feels good for you and what makes you progress in a satisfactory pace =) Happy learning!


Probably 1750, because I did 250 per day for a long time. Normally I get 70 or so, because 10 a day is pretty good. 140 if I'm feeling motivated.


You should have seen what the XPs were like when the translation feature was still around! It used to be that 1000 XP in a day was commonplace

  • 1992

Good ole days!!-) During Immersion days, I averaged around 1500/day for about 14 months but I was on Sabbatical leave and my wife allowed me to indulge in this "hobby"!-)


I once got around 2000XP in a day from translating long articles.


Wow! I don't think I was on Duolingo when they had that feature. :)


I'm not that active recently, so just less than 100 XP, but I have got way more before. I once got around 5000XP in one day for testing English to Japanese, both of which I'm fluent in.


That's awesome! I'd love to speak fluent Japanese!


I've got this week 1940 XP, but this isn't my all time high score. I think, I achieved once +3000 XP in one week.

Normally I get round about 350 to 700 XP.


I got around 800 xp in one day i was very motivated that day and i spend the entire day the rest of the week i got only around 50 so i had 1100

But now i'm not as motivated and the lessons i'm doing now just feel more difficult for some reason now i can just barley maintain my streak i'm sure that i will get more motivated in the future


Good job! I feel the same way some times. ;)


I got 535XP in one day about 3 months ago.


Cool! I got 130XP in a day, but I'm not sure if that's my highest.


My normal week is about 1000. But my record is 5280


I used to think that 360XP in a day (which I got) was a lot. Now I just feel lazy...


360XP in a day is quite good! The highest I got in a day was 100+ I think.


I can get like 3000XP if i put on a burst in a week


My highest is about 1000. So keep trying and you’ll get it.


today ive got 330 xp which is my high score for a day. and my weekly best is also this week with so far 1440 or so.


I get at least 700 per week but the most I've gotten was about 2000+ something.


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