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  5. "Co vám vzali?"

"Co vám vzali?"

Translation:What did they take from you?

November 12, 2017



Is there any particular reason why taking something away from someone isn't genitive rather than dative?


Probably not. It's the same in German but for no particular reason either.

I agree that it seems more logical to use a preposition (such as the English from) but why should it be genitive?


The indoeuropean ablative case (direction from) merged with the genitive case in all Slavic languages so one could expect it here as well...


Why translation is not "what did they take FOR you"?


Vzít někomu něco most often means to take something from somebody. To steal something.

But you are correct that it can also mean what you suggest, but in this exact wording it is quite unlikely. With "Co vzali pro vás?" it would be clearly your translation.

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