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  5. "Do jaké třídy chodí Žofie?"

"Do jaké třídy chodí Žofie?"

Translation:What grade is Žofie in?

November 12, 2017



This sentence is strange in English. Does "třída" mean both "grade" and "classroom" or "class"? Does the sentence mean "what grade is she in?"


"Třída" really does mean both "classroom" and "grade".

However, as you say, this Czech sentence is talking about grade in which she is in.


"To which grade does Zofie go?" is also a correct alternative.


What grade is Zofie in? Would normally be used. Literal translations often don't work very well.


"What grade is Zofie in?" is also accepted.


I would recommend this as the default translation. You and I come from the same region in the US -- have you ever heard or read the 'go to' version?


I have not heard the "go to" version, but it does reflect the verb used in the Czech original. However, we have changed the main translation to "What grade is Žofie in?" in accordance with common AmE usage. I don't know how quickly it will update.


Is 'které' also correct? Or will it change the context of the sentence?


I am native AmE, so this is speculative. As a practical matter, in everyday conversation, "What grade is X in" and "Which grade is X in?" are probably used interchangeably more often than not. There is a slight difference, with the "what" version being a more general question and the "which" version suggesting selection of one grade from a specific group of them.

I think that difference more or less matches up with the "what/what kind of" feeling of jaký compared with the "which (out of a group)" feeling of který. But, speaking only about the English side, while either "what" or "which" might be more appropriate in a specific situation, very often there is little practical difference between in daily use.


Which grade does Žofie attend - nelze použít?

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