November 12, 2017



Night apple is poison apple


but I'm ok because I'm JK


Everybody say noo~ (yOu'rE nOt j-kAy, OkAy!?)


I think 밤 may mean both night and evening, thus "evening" would be accepted. Reported on Nov. 12, 2017.


Yes, I cannot but agree with that, since both words can be used interchangeably usually. However, I guess there is a difference, it's ambiguous though and Duolingo always wants us to be precise when it comes to interpreting certain words.

According to a dictionary,

밤 : 해가 져서 어두워진 때부터 다음 날 해가 떠서 밝아지기 전까지의 동안.

and for evening, there is another word you can use, 저녁.

저녁 : 해가 질 무렵부터 밤이 되기까지의 사이.

In your answer, evening should be accepted but the slightly different usage should be considered.

So anyway here's my thought.

When it is getting dark around - 저녁

It's already dark outside and pitch black - 밤

Hope it helps.


Vielen Dank für deine nette Antwort und Erklärung.

I agree with your comment, there is a difference between 밤 and 저녁, as you pointed out. It is my understanding that the usage of 밤 and 저녁 is a bit different from night and evening in English.

Your explanation helped me a lot. Thank you again and good learning.


Idk if it's useful or not but 밤-night and 밥-rice and 밥 먹어-eat rice or eat meal, 밥 먹어 sounds like 밤 머거(due to consonant assimilation)


밤, 밤밤밤에~ 밤 하늘을 날아~


GFriend time gor the moon night


고마워요, 이태원 클라쓰 for teaching me this word


It should be explained that 밤 is night, and not something you eat. (The brown fruit thing that has needles outside)


Their English name is "chestnut" and since there's no context, other than the lesson topic then "chestnut" should be accepted too, especially since Duolingo is well known to stray from the lesson topics.


Anyone else hearing the male voice pronouncing this as 탐?

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