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"K čemu jsou dobré znalosti dějepisu?"

Translation:What is knowledge of history good for?

November 12, 2017



"dobré znalosti" = "good knowledge" or only "knowledge"? Wouldn't the translation in the first case be: "What is a good knowledge of history good for"?


Tam nejsou žádné "dobré znalosti" ale "k čemu jsou dobré". Na dobré znalosti by to bylo "K čemu jsou dobré dobré znalosti dějepisu?"


Oh, I misinterpreted the czech sentence! Ups.

BTW ''What use is knowledge of history?'' is the grammatical construction of a similar former sentence in this skill section, so I think it should be accepted here as well. But there is no 'Report'-button!!

Edit: Maybe I am wrong: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26684058

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