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  5. "아이는 병이 나아요."

"아이는 병이 나아요."

Translation:The child recovers from the disease.

November 12, 2017



In korean you dont recover from a diesease but a diesease recovers from you( as per the notes in the website) so diesease is the subject while child is the object/topic. I hope it helped someone


It seems that in this case, the child is topic since it doesn't fit into any other case - does that sound right to you?


V375981 - the child may be the topic, but it's certainly not the object.

Objects bear the 를 / 을 particles.


Wow, Duolingo. A couple lessons back you were teaching me "Korean student." "The man is from Korea." "The man is not popular." "The student is charming." And now we're casually learning complex sentences like this? (I mean, I'll be honest- I'm happy about it, it's just that that's quite a leap. Especially considering I personally get through lessons quite fast.)


Speed can obfuscate how much you are able to use.

With language it is quite common that newer, more complex sentences in other languages seem /really/ complex when in reality it may be one thing that's different.

Then again, sometimes the new topic does a lot at once. If you notice, this is given out at the same time as Formal Moods and relies on everything before and including Demonstratives, which is a hefty amount of recall needed, alongside other new information.

Only gets more difficult, but we only get better as we progress ;)


You can also look at the tips/notes on desktop so that you can learn the different vocab and grammar before the lesson


"The child gets well from the illness" wrong??


same, I said "the child recovers from being sick" and that's wrong?????????


Anyone else on quarantine?3/28/20


Yep 5/16/2020, no better time to learn a language if you can afford to stay home.


yeah, 05/05/2020 been quarantined since early march and only went to school and back home for about a month and a half before that.


I'm confused on where "recovers" is in this sentence.


낫다 = to recover (from)/to be better

The ㅅ is dropped due to rules of irregular patchim


in this sentence it is 나아요


You the child recovers from COViD 19


Does 나아요 contract at all?


No. It says it cannot contract in the notes of the website


when you drop ㅅ from 낫다, it is a rule that it can no longer contract.


"A child is cured from an illness" was wrong???


Why is it that almost every cute sounding word in korean means something bad ,-_-,


The child gets cured from the disease........its ok, right?


I'm so angry cause when I try to google translated it, it all came wrong... this sentence is translated as "The child is sick."


Dont trust Google translate , it translated someone's name to a body part when it was something else

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