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"Then all that will no longer count."

March 15, 2013



Hmmmm.....Duo gives two translations for "Then all of that will no longer count", namely:
"Dann wird alles nicht mehr zählen" and
"Dann wird das alles nicht mehr zählen" .... The reason I'm wondering about this is because Duolingo is often picky about answers that omit a word in translation even if the meaning of the sentence is the same as the sentence with the word. In German, can you put "that" in your ttranslation if there is no "das" in the sentence?


The translation given here is ‘Das wird nicht mehr zählen.’, which is incorrect in completely ignoring the phrase “Then that will”. It should be ‘Dann wird das alles nicht mehr zählen’ (your second choice).

‘Dann wird alles nicht mehr zählen’ has a different meaning: “Then nothing will count any longer.”

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