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  5. "Víš, jak vést lidi?"

"Víš, jak vést lidi?"

Translation:Do you know how to lead people?

November 12, 2017



i dont understand the comma here.


Unlike in English, in Czech every subordinate clause is set off from the main clause by a comma. (German is like that too.)

In this example, "You know" is the main clause, "how to lead" is the subordinate clause (in this case, an infinitive phrase).


I wouldn't worry about it. Czech has very strict and confusing rules regarding comma placement. I don't think it's something a beginner should be concerned about.


i cant here if she says lide or lidi


We can only recommend more ear training, the TTS is pretty clear for me in this case.


Why does this sentence contain víš rather umíš? It doesn't make sense to me given my understanding of the difference between the verbs vědět and umět.

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