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until which level here i can stop to take german A1 test?

until which level here i can stop to take german A1 test?

November 12, 2017


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Level has nothing to do with your progress. In theory you can repeat the first skill many and many times and reach level 25 while actually learning 10 or 15 words.

For A1 certificate I would suggest you should be done or almost done with the tree and you should read/understand/remember the info from grammar notes (they are available in browser version for more difficult skills). You should also practice your listening and writing and if possible speaking. The speaking part is most chalenging for most people.


I took A1 last year and level 8 (my current in German here) is still the stuff that I had to learn for it. I would focus more on vocabulary, maybe find sth like 1000 most common used words list and learn it, it would be enough. Also, do as much tests as you can before, they will show you what you still have to learn.

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