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  5. "우리는 재미있는 영화를 함께 봅니다."

"우리는 재미있는 영화를 함께 봅니다."

Translation:We watch an interesting movie together.

November 12, 2017


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I wrote "We watch the interesting movie together". I still get confused as to when is right to use "the" or "a(n)"

November 15, 2017


From what I know, context is what decides. But I think the interesting movie should be correct too since it's not technically incorrect.


What's wrong with "We see an interesting movie together."?


The curt answer is "Because that's what the page says." The honest answer is "Who Knows". Don't ask "why" when it comes to how something is said. My DLI instructor said that the way the book says is the most common way to say something.


I don't think it's wrong. If you can flag it


Awkward sentence because...I'm trying to find the words to explain why.

"We see an interesting movie together"

You only know if it is interesting after you see or watch it.

"We saw an interesting movie."

"We watched an interesting movie."

....yes, we were TOGETHER. not in same theater SEPARATELY.


So 재미있 is the word for interesting in Korean?

  1. why there are two 는?
  2. why 재미있 use 는 instead of 은?


If we were to translate it literally, would the sentence be something like "we watch a movie [that is interesting] together"?


I believe the sentence should read as "We are watching an interesting movie together"

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