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  5. "Warum trinkst du nichts?"

"Warum trinkst du nichts?"

Translation:Why don't you drink anything?

November 12, 2017



Why "anything" is playing significance here... It could be just - " why don't you drink ? "



That would be a translation of Warum trinkst du nicht?, but the German sentence to be translated is Warum trinkst du nichts?.

Note the distinction between nicht "not" (no -s at the end) and nichts "nothing, not anything" (with -s at the end).


I gave the answer as "why do you not drink?" It didnt pass that and said the answer was "why do you not drink a thing". urgh


The German sentence ends in nichts "nothing; not ... anything", not in nicht "not".


Why is this wrong?

"Why aren't you drinking anything?"


yeah I put "Why are you not drinking?" which is pretty much the same thing but wrong too :(


You seem to be mixing up nicht "not" and nichts "not ... anything".


"Why aren't you drinking anything?" is one of the accepted translations, so if you got an error message, I don't know what might have happened.

Did you have a listening exercise, perhaps, rather than a translation exercise? Did you make a screenshot of the result page showing the question, your answer, and the error message?


No, I did not take a screenshot. Next time I have a problem like this I will make sure to make a screenshot, thanks for the suggestion.


Next time I have a problem like this I will make sure to make a screenshot

Excellent! That's helpful.

Thanks :)


Why does "Why aren't you drinking?" not work?


Why does "Why aren't you drinking?" not work?

Because the German sentence ends in nichts and not in nicht. Please read all of the comments on this page.


Can somebody translate "why don't you drink?" and "why don't you drink anything?" to demonstrate the defference in the german phrase? I see how the English phrases differ, but what about the German equivalent.

  • Why don't you drink? = Warum trinkst du nicht?
  • Why don't you drink anything? = Warum trinkst du nichts?
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