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  5. "Chci tě slyšet."

"Chci slyšet."

Translation:I want to hear you.

November 12, 2017



Why not "I want you to hear"?


No, that isn't what the Czech sentence says, although I couldn't explain why not. But the question makes me wonder what your version would be. Maybe something like, "Chci, že slyšiš (whatever)"? Probably not right, but maybe one of the contributors will weigh in on it!

===== UPDATE =====

Several months on, I'd guess that the Czech sentence for "I want you to hear" would be something along the lines of "Chci, abys slyšel" or "Chci, abyste syšeli," which use a conditional formulation. (3 Sep 18)


I think the Czech equivalent of Zimisc"s sentence would be similar to the English "I want that you hear." I believe it would use the Czech subordinating conjunction že = that.

I don't know if the verb in the subordinate clause ("hear") would be in the indicative or the subjunctive.


Hmm... I think I'd vote for subjunctive, now that you mention it.


Zimisc, your sentence means something else in English. It is not what the Czech sentence means. Your English sentence means "It is my desire that you hear (something)" or "I want that you (should) hear."

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