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  5. "¿Tienen todos ustedes calor?"

"¿Tienen todos ustedes calor?"

Translation:Are you all hot?

March 15, 2013



I entered, "Do all of you have heat?" and it was not accepted, yet one of the two acceptable answers is, "Do you all have heat?" Hmm... In my mind this means precisely the same thing. I chose "all of you" because "you all" (similar to "y'all") seems more colloquial. Frustrating.


There's a slight difference that comes with adding the word "of" in the mix:

  • "All of you" = "Todos de ustedes"

Also, "to have heat" sounds kinda more like having [functioning] heating - la calefacción (e.g. with residents in an apartment building) - heat being a noun instead of an adjective, like it's in "being hot".


But neither is common English usage. "Have heat" is never used to mean "are hot."


Did you report it? I agree that they mean the same thing.

As an aside, I don't think "Do you all have heat" means the same as "Do y'all have heat". "Do y'all have heat" is a way of saying "Do you have heat" when talking to more than one person, but "Do you all have heat" is specifically asking if every one of you has heat.

Me, I would never say "y'all" unless I was putting on a fake southern accent. "Youse" is how some folks say plural-you around here (Ontario, Canada).


Youse guys are still my friends. Y'all just remember that!


I am from Ontario and while some people may say youse it is not very common and VERY poor grammar.


Why not 'do all of you have heat?'


tener calor is the expression for being hot. tener frio is cold, tener hambre is hungry, and others


Don't forget "tener miedo" (to be afraid)


Virzak, Your sentence would be: ¿Tienen todos ustedes calefacción? i.e. is the heat working in your house?


the heat-making!


"Are all of you hot?" was accepted.


How do you say, "Are you all warm?" in Spanish? It didn't accept warm instead of hot when I translated the expression.

[deactivated user]

    I also used warm. In many places and situations "Are you all hot?" would be considered a very rude question indeed! "Are all of you warm" is always safe.


    Duolingo accepts Are you all warm? for this sentence.


    Would "Are you all feeling hot?" be an acceptable translation for this?


    Though it essentially means the same thing, as a sentence it's grammatically different; something more like: (*todos ustedes) ¿Están* sintiendo calor?.


    I don't hear a question. Does her voice rise at all? Spanish allows various word orders in statements.


    Hola JMark: It is a pre-recorded robo-voice. Often, it is impossible to discern whether or not it is a question except by word order. CHAU


    But Spanish word order is much more flexible than the English, meaning that word order may be a clue, but it's not a clear indication.


    -wink- You know us Duo! -_^


    I bet someone, someday, will make the suggestive mistake of saying, "Are you all in heat?"


    Luckily it's quite a different kind of sentence. :D

    • "¿Están todos ustedes en celo?"


    Why isn't "Do you all feel hot" accepted?


    I think because "feel" is a different verb: sentir


    Are you all hot is correct We do not have heat is not said in English any more than we do not have hunger, we are hungry


    Well, "We do not have heat" is something we would say in English, but not to mean "We are not hot". We might say "The power is out and we do not have heat."

    Since there's no context for it, it seems to me that both "Are you all hot" and "Do you all have heat" are correct.

    We had an ice storm here a few weeks ago, and it was common to hear people say "Do you have heat?"


    The vernacular use of "heat" to refer to what is perhaps more accurately called "heating" does not translate into Spanish. "tener calor" means "to be hot". It does not mean "to have heat(ing)" which would be "tener calefacción".

    So in your example, "Do you (all) have heat(ing)" - would be "¿Tienen todos ustedes "calefacción?"


    wow, now we're supposed to use the "vosotros" form in English? every time until this question an acceptable translation for "ustedes" is simply "you", now duolingo wants me to write "y'all"?


    "All" = "Todos" - it tells us that the subject (You) is plural, as there are more than one person present. However, it's not omitted in "you".

    "You all" can then be either "todos vosotros" or "todos ustedes", depending on the level of formality those ppl are adressed with.


    Because the word todos is in the sentence


    No doubt: one of the weirdest sentences on DL. But correct.


    ¿Tenéis calor? suena mejor.


    Why is the subject not at the end of the sentence: "¿Tienen calor todos ustedes?"


    Which phrase is correct & appropriate for everyday use: Tienes frío? or Estas frío?


    According to this site, http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/estar-fr%C3%ADo-tener-fr%C3%ADo.723925/, "tener frio" means feeling cold and "estar frio" means actually being cold, having a low body temperature.

    So "tienes frio" is almost always the right way to say it.


    Side point: I keep seeing everybody refer to y'all as deep south slang. I am from Kentucky and have family in West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Indiana and people say y'all all around those states, none of which are the deep south. Although, I would argue that they are more Southern than not. Thanks, y'all!


    It does say if it is you are they, leaves me to guess

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