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"It cannot be difficult to buy phones here"

Translation:Haishindikani kununua simu hapa

November 12, 2017



Can sombody explain ''shindikani''? I thought shinda had something to do with winning.


kushinda = to overcome, surpass, win, beat
kushindika = to be overcome/surpassed/beaten/won against; to apply force to
kushindikana = to fail (eg. of efforts), to be unable to be done


I do not get it too. Can someone please explain?


Same question here: maybe Machieng can explain? And another question: since 'it' refers to an infinitive (kununua, word class XV) should the translation be Hakushindikani kununua simu hapa?


The i- prefix is used in cases like this where the infinitive follows.

Inatosha kunywa maji = It is enough to drink water.
Kunywa maji kunatosha. = Drinking water is enough.

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