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"I am drinking and you are paying."

Translation:Ich trinke, und du bezahlst.

November 12, 2017



This is my favorite thing i have read on this app


Ein Hoch auf den edlen Spender!


What is the difference between zahlen and bezahlen?


I put 'Ich trinke und ihr bezahlt' and it counted it wrong. Is this an error on my part or is it a bug in duolingo?


Duo need to sort out their dictionary hints, so many times the hints lead us down the wrong path, are they doing it purposely?!



It's just that the hints are attached to the word on its own, not to a word in a particular sentence.

So some of the hints may be appropriate for some other sentence on Duolingo but not for the one you are currently translating.

Duo tries to sort the hints so that the ones most appropriate for the current sentence are at the top, but it can become confused, so even the topmost one is not reliably the correct one.

However, if none of the hints are appropriate for the current sentence, then that's bad and should be corrected.

In that case, it's helpful if someone comments with all the hints they saw (Duo usually only shows a subset of the hints, three or so) for the word that they are missing hints for, and say which one(s) they expected in addition.

However, note that hints are generally only added to correspond to the "best" translation -- we often accept many alternative translations as well, and you might be shown one of those as a correction if you type something else and Duo thinks that that alternative is "closer" to what you typed.


I have reported before but doesn't seem to make much (if any) difference, and as the 'hints' don't refer to words in the sentences, alone, why call them "hints", seems I could do better just guessing? I certainly wouldn't do worse! Also I won't have time to report every time I come across errors.

I wish I could afford to visit Germany, it would be the best way to learn German.

Btw, can screenshots be posted here?


I have reported before but doesn't seem to make much (if any) difference

Hint reports just show up as the the text "Hints are wrong or missing", which is so vague that it's essentially useless.

Which word is missing hints? Which word has wrong hints? Which of those hints is wrong, and what should it be?

Far better to submit a free-text report if you have that option; second best is probably to post -- with detail! -- on the sentence discussion.

Btw, can screenshots be posted here?

Not directly -- only links to web pages or images are possible.

So you'd have to upload the screenshot to a website, then post a link to it.

(If you want the picture to appear in-line, you can use Markdown for that: something like ![](https://www.example.com/path/screenshot.jpg) .)


"Far better to submit a free-text report if you have that option; " You are correct of course, sadly Duo have now removed any way of users doing anything other than just a tick, sometimes there's no option to tick that's even suitable!


I tried '....und du zahlst' instead of '...und du bezahlst' and learnt that both work in this case.


Why is "Ich trinke, und Ihr bezahlen" incorrect? Please and thank you.


It is just that the verb following 'ihr' is incorrectly conjugated. You should have had 'ihr bezahlt', where as 'bezahlen' would work for wir, sie (them) and Sie.


when do i use ihr and when do i use du?


The singular form is du and the plural form is ihr. Don't forget to use the corresponding form of the verb.


I said “Ich trinke, und Sie bezahlt.” Sie as in the formal you. I guess I could see where saying something like this to someone you don’t know well isn’t likely, but grammatically it should still work.


You should use the corresponding form of the verb: ich trinke und Sie bezahlen. It is not unlikely that your boss is still a Sie despite knowing each other for years.


Oh, I thought -en was only used for the plural form.


The conjugation of the Sie form (the formal, polite you) is the same as for sie (they).


Whats difference between zahlst and bezahlst


Why is there a comma in the German translation? There is no need of a comma.


Does "Ich trinke, und du kaufst." also work?


No, I don't think that's correct. Du kaufst means "you are buying"/"you buy". Paying and buying is not the same.


Why ‘Ich bin trinke, und du bist bezahlst’ is this wrong?


Why ‘Ich bin trinke, und du bist bezahlst’ is this wrong?

Yes. Complete nonsense.

The verb bin, bist does not make any sense in that German sentence -- German does not need a helping verb to form the present tense.

Shoving in an unnecessary helping verb would be like saying "I do am drinking and you do are paying": complete nonsense.


Ich trinke und du zahlst ist ebenfalls richtig


Warum nicht "du bezählst"?


Warum nicht "du bezählst"?

It's basically impossible to predict which verbs will change the vowel in the du and er/sie/es forms and which ones won't -- you simply have to memorise it.

We have kaufen - du kaufst but laufen - du läufst.

We have leben - du lebst but geben - du gibst.

If in doubt, don't change the vowel. So bezahlen gives du bezahlst, zahlen gives du zahlst, and zählen gives du zählst.


It's du bezahlst with an 'a' instead of an 'ä'.


When I was looking at the translation, it said zahlen not bezahlst. It is because of a glitch.


Well that's a command


Only the observation of a fact.


What kind of friend is this?

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