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  5. "How is the tax calculated?"

"How is the tax calculated?"

Translation:Cum se calculează impozitul?

November 12, 2017



When do you use "cât de" as opposed to "cum"?


cum = how (as in: "in what manner or way?" or "by what means?")
cât de [...] = how [...] (as in: "to what extent, amount, or degree?")

And now for some examples:

  • Cum ai ajuns aici? = How did you get here?
  • Cum funcționează dispozitivul ăsta? = How does this device work?
  • Cât de mult mă iubești? = How much do you love me?
  • Cât de tare e sabia lui Zorro? = How tough is Zorro's sword? (link)

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You only use 'cât de' when you want to know the degree of something, like for example 'how much do you like ice cream?' = 'cât de mult îți place înghețata?'


Cum means "How" and "cât de" means "how much" Eg: Cum arată casa?-How the house looks like? And Cât de mult mă costă? -How much it cost me?


Cât de = how much Cum = how


What is the 'se' doing here? Why not Cum este calculează impozitul?

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