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  5. "Právě tam jedu."

"Právě tam jedu."

Translation:I am going there just now.

November 12, 2017



"Right now I am going there." is identical in meaning and is grammatically correct.


I think people would also say "I am just going there now"


Yes, that should work. Although, that would probably only be said if that place was just mentioned, at least in my experience. Example: "Have you been to the store yet today?" "No, I am just going there now"


Can právě mean "exactly (there)" in this sentence in addition to the temporal meaning?


But if I want to say "I am going just there", I say it also: "Právě tam jdu." nebo taky "Jdu právě tam."


Well, yes, that would be what iyoossaev asked about before.

But you must very strongly stress TAM when pronouncing it. Ending with "... právě tam." does not require the additional stressing because the final sition is a natural stressed position and the second one quite the opposite.

When our our sentence is pronounced neutrally, it is clearly "just now".

We can probably add the temporal sense as well, but it is good to be aware of the difference.

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