"Not one more word"

Translation:Pas un mot de plus

November 12, 2017

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why is it not "Pas un mot plus?"

Bonus question: when are we suppose to use "de" between a noun and an adverb?


I was very curious about this myself so I posted a question on the WordRef forum and received this response from a native French speaker:

You can only use de plus after a noun when you mean: 1 more X, 2 additional Y's, etc.

► "Not one more word". → Pas un mot de plus.
Pas un mot plus ✘ is simply not idiomatic.

It can also be used after an adverb. ► "Nothing more." Rien de plus.

As a standalone phrase, de plus means "moreover, besides".

There's also the phrase de plus en plus→ "more and more".


can i use "aucun mot de plus" ? thanks


Why is the first hint used "aucune" if it is not correct to use. Then that hint should not be listed. These hints are becoming frustrating!


Can I use it with other nouns, like 'Pas un livre de plus' ?


I know there must be a way to say this using something like aucun ... rien ?


"Pas un autre mot" - c'est d'accord? Merci

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