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  5. "학생이 의자를 돌려요."

"학생이 의자를 돌려요."

Translation:The student turns the chair.

November 12, 2017



So from my pieced together notes (not sure how correct I am but this is what I've gathered from repeating this section):

To Turn (The corner, or like, your body, or whatever object) 돌다

To turn (Rotate/Spin) 돌리다

To return (Come back) 돌아오다

To return (An object to a place/person) 돌려주다


A simpler explanation:-
돌다 is an intransitive verb while 돌리다 is a transitive verb. Transitive verbs have an object, intransitive verbs don't.

So, if someone is turning/spinning something (an object), you use 돌리다. And if something is turning/spinning by itself, you use 돌다.

For example:
1. 저는 자동차를 돌려요 - I turn the car.
2. 자동차가 돌아요 - The car turns.


REALLY? "the student" - correct, "a student" - wrong?


I know right, really annoying..


In the other sentence one should translate it as "spin" but here it's not allowed? Makes no sense IMHO.


Why is "spin" wrong here when it's defined as "spin" or "turn"?

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