"The change purse contains coins."

Translation:Le porte-monnaie contient des pièces.

November 12, 2017

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Change purse is a very unusual word in English


Maybe it's because I'm in my forties, but I don't find it unusual. People don't really carry a lot of cash anymore, so maybe change purses have gone out of fashion?


Also in my forties, also surprised anyone thinks this is an unusual word.


I have never heard of a "change purse." I know what a purse is but why?


The suggestions give pièce as a translation for change,but then reject it for pièces de monnaie!


It ought to be "coin purse", I think, but the very concept is anachronistic, at least one generation has passed since inflation has eliminated nonmechanical coin-only transactions.


(In fact, the only time I've heard "coin purse" used in the last twenty years is as a rude reference in Family Guy. I've never heard "change purse".)


Brianary....we actually said and say "change purse"...of course in my very old generation : )) AND I am now using one as the zipper broke in the change section of my wallet AND a lot of people still pay for things in cash and recieve coins back....of course not for cars, boats, houses in cash : ))


Coin purse can be used to carry change for bus tickets. It works better than a pocket even today.


Far more familiar with the term "coin purse"


'Pièces' for coins, should work?


This is my question too - I got marked wrong for putting "pièces" and not "pièce de monnaies". I thought the context disambiguated.


At least two dictionaries document "change purse": Macmilan English Dictionary and Merriam Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary. And we have several people who confirm it.

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