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thanks duo ... you are my best virtual friend

Hello everyone...

One day I did not know anything in German... i could just say "ich lebe dich" :-))))) this was all things that i know about German !

... but now I am at the level of 17 after 5 months practicing with duolingo and i can understand many sentences.

dear Duo ! I don't know how to say thank you ... I do not know how to transfer my feelings to you ... you have changed my idea in learning a language even if that language would be German...

thanks Duo ...

November 12, 2017



Awww.... I feel the same about Danish. After 1 month, I'm level six.


Good luck? Is that good or bad???


are you kidding me tornadoRider2008 ? what does "good luck" look like ? what a lyric :-)))))) why "good luck" would be a bad expression


because... It made sense @ the time!


Glückwunsch - und weiterhin viel Spaß mit unserem gemeinsamen Freund... :-)


danke dir ... deine Ahnung ist es wert ...

I dont know I said true or not. I want to say" thank you ... your idea worth it. ( it refers to my achievement in duoligo)


Haha you are so funny!

Wenn Du Deine Traumfrau triffst ist es sicherlich auf Level 17 gut zu wissen, wie dieser Satz richtig heißt, stimmt's? ;)

Oder Du sagst einfach: "Ich möchte ab jetzt mit Dir für immer zusammen leben!" :-) :-)

Find more "virtual" friends on: www.hellolingo.com


thanks Thomas this is a good idea to have a dream girl :-0

please verify my opinion about your language and dont say i am not agree with you ... your language, German, is very very very haaard.

but i like it because your country is one of the country which i want to continue my PHD studies there ... I may be in Duetschland in the next two years. I think it is a so beautiful land with lovely people like you ...


hallo made ❤❤❤❤

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