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  5. "We need him."

"We need him."

Translation:Potřebujeme jej.

November 12, 2017



I understand potřebujeme ho," but I don't understand how potřebujeme jej means the same thing.


It's simple, there are two possible words for the same thing. Check T&N for Pronouns.


"Ho potřebujeme" is wrong but "Jeho potřebujeme" is right? Can someone explain me the difference please?


In Polish you cannot use short pronouns in the begining of the sentence. I believe the same rule applies for Czech, since the languages are closely related.


Why "potřebujeme jeho" is wrong?


"Potřebujeme jeho" is accepted. If that's what you wrote, it should not have been rejected. Perhaps you have encountered the grading bug that turns up now and then... and over which the course team has no control.


Since this sentence specifically means "we need HIM" could you please give me an example where 'jej' would be preferable to "ho"?


I do not think there is such a sentence.


I put "My potřebujeme ho" and got it wrong, while the answer the site gave me was simply "Potřebujeme ho". Can someone tell me why?


I'm not Czech, but I finished the Polish course on Duolingo. In Polish, the short forms of pronouns shouldn't go at the beginning or end of a sentence wherever possible. My guess is that if you wrote My ho potřebujeme. then it'd be accepted.

I'll let the Czech moderators verify whether I'm correct or not.


Ho is clitic and must be in the second position. Use Jeho in the strong position.

Check the Tips and notes, some parts are mentioned in the previous discussion on this very page.

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