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what is happening???

I was browsing the discussion board, then I got on a discussion, then a ad starts PLAYING. like a video on the side of the discussion. then b4 it started discussion started scrolling down for me, which is nice, but a little creepy.

has this happened to anybody else or just me?

November 12, 2017



Duolingo sells ad space now. You can pay to remove them via Duo Plus, or just put up with it.


You could also get an ad blocker, but by doing that you're supporting bad monetization features such as health/gems coming onto the website and leading to the demise of Duolingo. It's not very nice, so I turn off my adblocker when using Duolingo.


How do they make money with the ads? Do we have to click on the ads or does just letting them run make money for Duolingo?


I don't have any add blocker but I am totally agree with you.


I agree. Using adblocker prevents Duolingo getting revenue from them... Kind of a crap thing to do when someone is using the lessons for free, unless the ads are in some way detrimental to them. I have not used AdBlocker for Duolingo because the ads have not caused me any problems.

I know for sure that clicking an ad generates funding for Duolingo. So, some people are clicking every ad in order to help. I think views do as well. I wouldn't be surprised if clicks generate more though.

Edit: I adjusted pronouns because it looked personally targeted using "you" as a general reference. Wasn't my intention. :)


Try restarting whatever devise you are on...or the app or page. Adds do sometimes play, that is how certain free websites make $$.


It's okay, refresh the page and it should be okay. At least it worked for me.


hmm, i haven't had that happen to me before

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