Polish accusative case

Do polish people pronounce the Ą and Ę at the end the accusative form of nouns? or do they just pronounce them like a?

November 12, 2017

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ą - yes, definitely.

ę - if it's the final sound of the word, then most people don't.

November 12, 2017

The question about how ą and ę are pronounced at the end of a word has actually nothing to do with the accusative case, as ą also commonly appears in the instrumental case and both ą and ę are very common conjugation endings for verbs.

About the pronounciaton of word-final ę:

The historic and now hypercorrect word-final pronounciation is [ɛ̃w̃]. Most speakers nowadays pronounce it withouth nasality as a plain [ɛ]. It is also considered correct to retain a very subtle nasality, which I do, too.

There are some regional/dialectal deviations to this, but unfortunately I'm not qualified to elaborate on this topic. Maybe someone else has some insight.

About the pronounciation of word-final ą:

The standard Polish pronounciation is [ɔw̃]. However, many speakers denasalize it, pronouncing it as [ɔm], which I heard quite often in western parts of the country, or as [ɔu], which seems to be more common in eastern parts.

See also Forvo, Rhinospike, Speechling, Tatoeba, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), Wiktionary: Polish:

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