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Took quite a while but I finally conquered the German tree

I must say german has been the hardest tree so far to finish, by quite a way. Feels like it has taken me forever and I can't say I feel as confident as I do with my other finished tree languages. Now to go right back to the beginning and consolidate.

Keep going guys, even if you go really slowly, the only way to lose is to give up!

November 12, 2017



Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Leonardo , hlava mi tu tvoji řadu nebere. That is czech sentence about your success. Congratulation!


Thank you. Bons estudos minha colega! =)


Ich danke auch , můj kolego :)


Good job! I myself just finished yesterday! It is almost twice as long as most of the other trees (more than twice the Swedish tree) so feel proud!


Isn't it though. It seemed to go on forever! Maybe I'll do swedish!


Norwegian is better!!! Haha just kidding, but Norwegian is pretty long also. I think its only 7 skills less than the German tree.


Good job! I'm still not there, but I just got going on it again!

(also, we have almost the same profile pic lol)


So we do! Lol.


Congratulations on finishing the German Tree. Ausgezeichnet! :)


Congratz! personally not that far into it, would you say after completing it you were comfortable with the language?


No, not really. I know that i will I need to go over the tree several times more before i venture outside duo to other sources. That said I became facinated by looking at the words in english that clearly have germanic roots rather than latin one, but for me the german grammar was really hard. Having really got into esperanto ( which i think is fabulous) i was always thinking - why make a language so ridiculously convoluted - all those different ways to say the!


Congratulations! Llongyfarchiadau! Gratulojn!


shut up mader ❤❤❤❤❤❤


Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiterhin viel Erfolg!


Congratulation! ☺


Congratulation too


Gut gemacht! Weiter so.


I am just about midstream at 59% fluency and sense what you are saying about the challenge of learning the language. I look forward to the day when I can chat with a native speaker. Sometimes I fantasize I am employed in an intelligence agency and I'm trying to break a code written with a super high degree of complexity but once I master the grammar all will become known. Good luck to all of us language explorers. I know we can get there and what a joyous accomplishment that will be.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Toll, dass Du Dich in Deutsch und den Duo Baum so durchgekämpft hast!

Next Challenge: German-English reverse tree ;)

Du kannst ja mal versuchen auf http://www.hellolingo.com ein paar Chat Partner zu finden ;)

Chatten (IRC) hatte mir damals vor vielen Jahren jedenfalls geholfen mit Englisch warm bzw. besser zu werden, da chatten durch die Benutzer-Interaktivität schneller ist als nur schreiben und man trotzdem nicht sofort (so schnell, auf den Punkt) sprechen muß.
Man ggf. auch kurz überlegen und korrigieren, bevor man den Text beim Chatten abschickt ;)


I did it too! Wow, super tough, and still a long way to go with german.. I will try a reverse tree and in the meantime, do my best to keep it gilded


Is it possible to have a tree 100% reviewed? I mean, it is not impossible to rush through a tree and do all the skills. But actually keeping then mastered, is that feasible or does it mean one needs to spend hours on duolingo everyday just to keep the skills in gold? Thanks and congratulations


Hours a day sounds a bit much. You'll find they revert to non-golden quite quickly at first, but after a few months you're only having to revise about a section a day. (I usually go over the whole thing again, rather than use the "strengthen" button, for what it's worth. "Strengthen" seems to pick out a couple of key elements from the section and use them several times.)


Thanks Paul, I am now 75% down the tree and keeping it fully gilded Its a long way!


❤❤❤❤ you kome


❤❤❤❤ you mather


❤❤❤❤ you the fort

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