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  5. "We eat wheat."

"We eat wheat."

Translation:Nous mangeons du blé.

March 15, 2013



can someone explain "on mange" meaning we eat? it said the correct answer is "On mange du froment." even if i have not yet learned the word "on" I know that mange is for I, he, she, or it. I don't understand this alternative translation at all.


Very often, the French use "on" to mean "we". But "on" is a singular pronoun, conjugated like il/elle, so:

  • on mange = nous mangeons (often)


"On mange" is correct, but it didn't mention that option to me. From what I understand, in conversational French it is more common than "nous" forms.


"the man drinks water" is accepted as "l'homme boit l'eau"
why "we eat wheat" is not accepted as "nous mangeons le blé" ?
And says Correct solution: Nous maneons du blé.


"l'homme boit l'eau" is "the man drinks THE water" (the water that is in his glass for ex.)

"the man drinks water" is "l'homme boit DE L'eau" (partitive, meaning a certain quantity of water)

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