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No more peeking in the Android app?

I updated the duolingo app on my phone (a low-end android), and now I'm no longer able to "peek" at the spelling of suggested translations. The feature is still working in the browser version I use on my laptop. Is this a bug, or is the peeking feature being phased out? Thanks!

April 7, 2014



Sometimes it happens to me with Xperia SP, but it appears after while. Check how fast is your internet connection, I would search mistake there ;)


It's working as usual now that I'm home & my phone can use my wi-fi, so I guess that was the issue.


It only works for me now with new words or recently introduced words so I think it may have to do with how far into the course you have progressed. Likely towards the beginning it will still show you all the words you need help with.

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