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Please help i'm confused

My other post didn't send so I'm just gonna sum up what I said.

How do I conjugate a verb that doesn't have Je,Tu,Nous,Elles,Ils,Elle,Il,Vous, On at the beginning or in the sentence?

November 12, 2017



If they dont have a pronoun in French it means they must be in imperative and you can find information on how to conjugated in imperative here: https://www.talkinfrench.com/learning-french-imperative-imperatif/


I have no clue what your talking about


Hello Samashy, you need to conjugate the verb thinking there is the subject : - Il est l'heure, mangeons! Bon appétit! (mangeons = I & the group = us = nous => nous mangeons). - Vite, courez! (kids need to go fast in front of a danger => it is an order => you run (plurial) => vous courez => courez).


dunno but gud question ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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It depends on your sentence.

For sentences that aren't imperative, ask yourself which pronoun could replace the subject, and then use the same conjugation.

If you have a singular noun, you use the same conjugation as il/elle/on (since those are all singular, 3rd person):

Le chat court (same conjugation as il court)
Marie mange (same conjugation as elle mange)
Le crayon est petit (same conjugation as il est petit)

If you have a plural noun, you use the same conjugation as ils/elles (since those are plural 3rd person):

Les chats courent (same conjugation as ils courent)
Marie et Josephine mangent (same conjugation as elles mangent)
Les crayons sont petits (same conjugation as ils sont petits)

For an imperative sentence, you use the imperative conjugations.

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