"I am playing tennis."

Translation:Je fais du tennis.

November 13, 2017

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Why is there no verb for play? Can fais be used for make, play, perform, build etc just like this?


There is - jouer = "to play". Remember faire (the infinitive of 1st and 2nd person singular present indicative fais) also means ""to do". And, according to Larousse, it can also mean a few of the things you mentioned:


When referring to an activity, you usually can use the generic verb "faire" or a specific verb related to the activity.

Je joue au football = "Je fais du football"
Je fais de la musique = "Je joue de la musique"
Je fais de la peinture = "Je peins",

and Je joue au tennis = "Je fais du tennis".


Isn't jouer the verb To Play? Although I'm not sure why it wasn't used in this sentence


Both "je joue au tennis" and "je fais du tennis" are correct and mean the same thing. It is common in French to say "je fais du (sport)."

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