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"I apply for a free trip ticket."

Translation:공짜 여행권을 신청해요.

November 13, 2017



why is 표 not needed in the sentence???


I think 권 and 표 are mostly equivalent. Perhaps one is a word from chinese and one is korean


권 - entry ticket (in the sense of a pass, coupon - used mainly for leisure places) 표 - ticket (for general usage esp. in transports)

In this example, 권 is used probably to mean the 'free ticket' is some form of coupon.

Also worth noting that Koreans have the expression 자유이용권 for free pass - a reason for DLG to use 권 in this example perhaps.

But using "표" instead of "권" here is not incorrect. Just avoid using both together.

Note: there is also the konglish word "티켓" for ticket.


공짜 - Is 짜 a transliteration of chinese 价 [jià] for price (value)?


공짜 - no (공=0) charge (짜 = cost) = free.

A synonym of 무료.

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