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"What does the convenience store sell?"

Translation:편의점은 뭘 팔아?

November 13, 2017



Why is it 뭘 and not 뭐?


I THINK the sentence would be grammatically incorrect if you used 뭐:)


Not puppies, apparently.


@duolingo: same old freakgin inconsistency here: nothing specifies it HAS TO be informal so WHY is 팔아요 wrong? Can you explain somewhere on your (poorly made) website and notes? also you just randomly accept or reject formal/informal forms in general. 무엇을 and 뭘 are strictly the same but on different levels of formality. Either you accept all forms EVERYWHERE either you specify when you want people to use a specific form. Because right now you are just crazy inconsistent and missleading. Not to mention the amount of misstakes you do and teach people!!!!!! Get things right for god's sake


@duolingo: also 편의점은 뭘 팔아요 is NOT a typo get your definition of TYPO right! or get rid of that stupid thing, you accept too many errors with the excuse of typo and often consider typo what is actually another possible way of saying a sentence...


무엇을 instead of 뭘 was wrong for me. Reported 2020-02-28

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