"Please learn slowly."

Translation:천천히 배우십시오.

November 13, 2017

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Its says please learn slowly but why does the answer have to be slowly learn, where the hell did the please go??


The ending -십시오 connected to the root verb배우다 (to learn) implies the word "please".


@Chynne - 십시오 is a polite imperative conjugation. If you missed that, then you'd have missed the implied "Please" too. Remember, Korean and English are different languages, and have different ways of dealing with different concepts.


언어는 천천히 배워야 합니다


Ok, but I still envy those who are able to learn a language quickly!!! ;-/


Can someone please tell me that they'll teach me how to pronounce stuff soon? I'm having a lot of trouble memorizing words and things, and I don't wanna like... write it all down... but I have a lot a lot a LOT of trouble saying everything out loud...


That was what alphabet section was for. If your having issues look upmvideos aboutnthe hangul and its pronunciation


It would be best if you could watch their dramas and listen to their music. It helps you get familiar with pronouncing and remembering the words.


What's the difference between 천천히 and 느리게 and which one is used the most?


I did a quick search to know more and although they each have a corresponding verb and can seem to be used interchangeably, there is a difference in nuance.

A quick explanation is that 천천히 is only an adverb and so is like "slowly" whereas 느리게 is only an adjective and is like "be slow". (I got this from Hinative.)

Here's a link to a detailed and clear explanation about the difference in meaning : http://koreanselfstudyisntlame.blogspot.com/2010/10/vs.html?m=1

천천히 is a conscious effort but 느리다 is out of your control BUT can be used about a person to show the speaker has a negative opinion about that person's speed. Clear examples are given on that web page... :-)


This lesson is really

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