Io and io

What is difference between these two words or are they the same?

March 15, 2013


I copied and pasted what you wrote in another font to check if the first word was "io" with capital "I" or "lo" with small letter.

Since it's capital "I"... Io and io are the same thing, it's only a capital letter that changes! Why did you have this doubt?

"io" translates as "I (as in "me")" whereas "Lo" translates as "the". The confusion is whether the "i" in "io" is capitalized or not... when it is it looks the same as "Lo" with a lower case "l". In order to know which one it is "lo" or "Io" with a font in which they both look the same, you must look at the context of the sentence.

"Io" (with uppercase i) is the same word as "io".

You have to look at whether it precedes a verb (in which case it will be "io", i.e. "I" the first pronoun) or if it precedes a noun (in which case, it will be with an "L", "LO", which means "the")

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