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Finally Arabic Is A Thing! What Type Will It Be?

I am so excited that Arabic is finally coming to Duolingo! I'm a bit confused as to what type of Arabic we will learn. On the Arabic tab, there is an Egyptian flag which leads me to believe we will learn the Egyptian dialect (which would make sense because it is the most common dialect in Middle Eastern media making arguably the most understood dialect). But a lot of people said a while ago that if Duolingo were to hypothetically teach Arabic it would be MSA (which would also make sense because even though nobody speaks it, it is what is taught in schools). Can someone please tell me what type of Arabic we will learn?

November 13, 2017



They say it will be MSA.


Where did you read that?


Great news! I am a native Egyptian Arabic speaker and can help if needed.


The course is for MSA. If you can speak that, you can apply to contribute here.


The course will indeed be in MSA, near the end of the tree we hope to shed a tiny little light on how the dialects are like, as well. :)


I've been waiting for this for a long time, too. Thanks for passing along the good news!


أنا البحر فى أحشائه الدُرّ كامن . . . .فهل سائلوا الصياد عن صدفاتى؟

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