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Duolingo Stories is Awesome

Great new feature! Keep developing it, add French, and bring it to mobile asap! ;-)

November 13, 2017



Yeah but it's only in Spanish and Portuguese..


yeah, they gotta keep developing them.


I really hope to become fluent enough to be able to use them. Unfortunately I only understand a few random words right now. I'm super excited for the day!


Agreed! I am waiting for them to add German and Italian...


Hi Levi,

do you really learn all three Romance languages - in your user profile - from scratch on DuoLingo, especially PT+SP?

Do you get easily confused or are you more profound in 1-2 of the other languages (e.g B1/B2 level, writing, speaking), before you started to learn a 3rd Romance language from scratch?


Yes, I started learning both Port and French here on Duolingo. I learned Spanish in college and then went really deep into it with immersion, living in Mexico, etc.

I recommend Duolingo for building a base knowledge and then to revisit to hone skills later on down the road. I think doing Duolingo for about 4 weeks then integrating Pimsleur and then online conversation classes is the perfect way to build a foundation speaking the language you wanna learn.


all three Romance languages

There's a lot more than 3 Romance languages.

Anyways, I believe some people have the ability to learn closely related languages. I mean, look at me! I'm learning Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish which are probably even more closely related than the "three Romance languages" you mentioned. There's nothing wrong with learning related languages at the same time.


If you want them on mobile, you can go to https://duolingo.com on your phone’s browser and at the bottom of the page there should be a Labs tab.


Thanks, i was looking for the stories feature on mobile. Labs is accessible after log-in via the mobile's browser instead of the app


duuuuuuuuuude I love Duo stories! Please make it for all languages!

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