"Duck bulgogi is too delicious!"

Translation:오리 불고기는 너무 맛있습니다!

November 13, 2017

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It is strange that they use the animals in the animal lesson as meat. Anyone thought is was strange? Shouldn't they put the meat in the food lesson. Unkess, they decide to teach us a lion eatibg a gazelle or something.


They use the animal name and meat name interchangeably, for the most part. Unlike English's idiosyncratic pig/pork, cow/beef, sheep/mutton.


Cultural question: I thought Bulgogi always referred to beef. Would duck "bulgogi" make sense in Korea, or would they say it isn't bulgogi?


오리불고기 is on the menu at duck restaurants. (Restaurants at which duck is eaten, not restaurants at which ducks eat.) Source: live in Korea, love 오리불고기.


In my experience, bulgogi was usually with beef. But whenever you hear the term Korean BBQ, it's bulgogi. You can buy the sauce in the asian section at grocery stores. Beef specifically is 소고기


"오리 불고기는 너무 맛있어요!" Is not accepted :(


Is now accepted 10/12/21. In fact, they only gave me that option lol

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