"Zeď všechno vyřeší."

Translation:The wall will solve everything.

November 13, 2017

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Not unambiguous for listening. Could be "Zeť všechno vyřeší" which sounds the same and means "Son-in-law will solve everything"


Not very likely, the lesson is full of Trump parables so they probably meant a wall.


Why isn't this "Zeď bude všechno vyřeší?" It seems to me that without "bude" this sentence should be the wall is solving everything.


"Vyřešit" is a perfective verb, and so the plain conjugated forms have the future meaning. "Vyřeší" means "will solve".

Imperfective verbs, like "řešit", in their conjugated forms refer to the present (so "řeší" would be "solves"/"is solving") and form future tense by combining the future tense of "být"with the infinitive (so "bude řešit" is closest to "will be solving").

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