Overachiever: Earn 50 XP in a day

Ok, so I've earned well over 50XP many times since this came out. Yesterday I made sure to earn exactly 50XP. Today I earned 50XP in a single language. Still no achievement. What does duolingo want from me??? This is kind of driving me nuts.

It was the same thing with the "before 8am" where I thought anything before 8 would count, but it really had to be between 4am and 8am (so not say 2 or 3 like I usually do working 2nd shift).

It would be nice if they were a little more clear on the not so obvious ones.

November 13, 2017

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I've tried earning 50XP on the app and 50XP on the website (both in French) and still have not been awarded the Overachiever award. I can't even find the "before 8am" award on my profile anymore.

I give up, what is the point of these awards?

December 22, 2017
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