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What happened to the followed discussions tab?

Hello! Salut ! Hallo! Terve! Ciao! Hejsan! Привет! etc.

I had to take a half-year break from Duo due to, well, life. Many things have changed while I was gone. Private messages are gone. Boo! High Valyrian is here. Yay! I have figured out most of the changes already, but there is one thing that baffles me: the “followed” discussions tab. It is still there but it only shows discussions that were iniated six months ago, although I have already participated in later discussions. Are they planning to get rid of this tab and are hence neglecting it or is this something that is my problem and no one else’s?


November 13, 2017



You don't follow discussions automatically any more, but have to hit "follow discussion".


My thanks with lingots!


You're welcome (pun intended ;) ), and thanks for the lingots!


What a bizarre decision on Duolingo's part. Surely following a discussion should be opt-out rather than opt-in. Even if a post isn't a question, it's part of the conversation.

Cynicism on: Maybe the folks who post comments like "Whaaa?" on every question complained about getting so many notifications, and Duolingo wants to keep their demographic happy.


My followed discussions are still showing up as normal, maybe you've got a bug.

Or, it might seem obvious, but are you sure you're following the discussions? The "follow" button's been a bit buggy for me lately, sometimes I have to refresh a page 2 or 3 times (clicking "follow" each time) before I'll actually follow the discussion. If you've got the same bug as me, then just clicking once might not have done the trick.


grannysquare has already answered your question, so I'll just say: Yay, you're back! Welcome! :)


Terve ja kiitos! :) I have been using the app for two weeks now and yesterday I finally started using the web version again. The current plan is to start making Finnish lessons in January, although I am not making any promises.


Kiitos ajattelemisesta(?) meitä (Does it make sense? I'm trying to say "thank you for thinking of us"), Christmas is coming in January. :)

No, seriously, I'm glad to see you back. I hope your regilding goes as smoothly as possible, you have a lot of trees there.


“Kiitos, että/kun ajattelit meitä.” I am currently working on German, French and Italian while getting sidetracked by Russian, Danish and Welsh. Oh, and I just started High Valyrian! Because why not! Perhaps I should take a course in forestry to help me take good care of my trees. :) I see the Czech icon next to your name. When did Czech leave the incubator?


Kiitos! Well, you certainly have a lot to do. A course in forestry sounds like a good idea!

The Czech course has been around for a while, since maybe September? I'm not sure. I tried to test out of it a few times but failed, funnily enough. Sometimes my English failed me, sometimes I found new possible answers, at least I helped by reporting them. :)

I have finished my German tree recently (after more than two years!), but it's an autumn one, in full colors. I'm working on regilding it.


I finally got a tablet, so I am able to use the club function. I am a member in a German club led by Heidel.Berg. Would you be interested in joining the club? I need to ask Heidel.Berg about it first since he is the administrator, but he is travelling at the moment. If he will be OK with you joining, would you like to have the code? :)


Sounds good. I hardly use Duolingo on my phone, so I've never tried the clubs before, but if there's room for me, I'll be glad to join and see you there.



Workaround: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938/Lessons-Userstyle-to-get-some-things-of-the-old-look-back

for: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24513744/A-New-Look-for-Lessons-on-the-Website

Camilo's web user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" is working on the new Scala 2017 portal for forward and reverse trees.


Welcome back, Mari!

I am rarely around in the forums anymore, so I am happy to have noticed your post by chance.

Oh, and not seeing the "Followed" tab must be a hopefully temporary glitch.


Hello! Are you in a Norwegian or French club? I finally got myself a tablet, so I have an access to clubs now. It would be cool to chat with you every now and then. :)


I am not in any club yet. I haven't had any interaction on duolingo since the personal streams disappeared.


Oh, and I am mostly using the app these days, just doing one quick daily refreshing session on my Norwegian. Tablets rule!


Yayzzzzz!!! Zzzzz 'z back!!! :-D



I'm not here much anymore, but popped by to say hi to you and the other fab-duo-lous people in this thread... Hope you are well!


Mine is still on here under discussion


Zzzzzz... so happy to see you here again! :-)


Oh, hello! I am like a blueberry stain on a shirt. There is no way to get rid of me! :) Lovely to see you too. For how long have you had that profile picture? It is gorgeous. :)

[deactivated user]

    It is still there for me


    I have the same issue. Only recent ones show up. All the rest are lost.

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