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  5. "사이즈가 맞지 않습니다."

"사이즈가 맞지 않습니다."

Translation:The size does not fit.

November 13, 2017



'The size is wrong.' or 'This is the wrong size.' would sound much more natural.


I prefer the translation as is, it is a more direct translation that helps me to learn. The more natural translation is not as helpful.


The more direct translation is the size is not right


It should say "the size is not right' which matches the Korean and is correct English. Another correct sentence (if we know what item is being discussed, for example a shoe) would be, "The shoe does not fit." But it is not correct English to say, "the size does not fit." And also it's completely unnecessary, since 맞지않습니다 can be correctly translated as, "is not right." Also it would be ok to say "The size is wrong."


One can use 《치수》 instead of 《사이즈》 to avoid Konglish.


"this size does not fit me." versus the above. And here we go again with the pronouns. The, this, these, or those" which one should we use, which one should we use? Just write those four words on separate pieces of paper and tape them to a wall ... then throw a dart and use which ever pronoun your dart sticks to. However, even after this you have only a 25 percent chance of your dart sticking to the correct piece of paper. You've got to figure this out Durolingo ... or give the students a pass on pronoun usage.


I'm sorry to hear that you came to hate learning Korean. I hope you don't still blame Duolingo.


Ikr like some people come here to learn korean and then they get mad because the english translation is not "natural"like bruh you're learning korean not english

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